Monday, May 6, 2013

shave ice!

What's there not to love about shave ice?  The girls couldn't find anything!

Before our trip ended, we promised the girls a trip to Haliewa town for some famous Hawaiian shave ice and a little bit of souvenir shopping.  They each had a little bit of money to spend and so we spent the evening walking from shop to shop checking out the treasures and trying to find something that caught their eye and fit in their budget!

This sign made us laugh!  Especially me, who has experienced Hawaiian Time a little more than the others when I lived there back in my college days.  I never thought of myself as an uptight person until I lived with a bunch of people who didn't have a care in the world!  They taught me so many important lessons!

In the end, Kate and Emmy each bought a ukulele (immediately after our trip they asked Aunt Nan to teach them a song which they played for their class talent show!).  Kate also bought some shell bracelets for her friends and Emmy found a pair of earrings.  Claire bought a dress, a bracelet, and a little flower for her hair, and Ryenne found a little photo book and saved the rest of her money which she spent at Pearl Harbor a few days later.  All in all, a successful outing!

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