Thursday, May 2, 2013

"hamama bay" and our turtle adventure

On our second try, we finally made it to Hanauma Bay, or as Claire called it, "Hamama Bay".  The first day we took off for our snorkeling adventure, and after a loooong drive, we arrived only to find out that it was closed on Tuesdays.   We all laughed, and ended up going to lunch and finding another beach to play at.  After just a few minutes at the one of the "best beaches in Oahu", we decided that our little Laie beach was so much better!  We packed up and headed North to play at our favorite place instead.

So, a few days later, we tried again.  (This time we checked the schedule!)  The girls were pretty excited to see lots of fish, and really wanted to see a sea turtle.  It was a little scary for a few of them at first, but they ended up being really brave and we had lots of fun.  Claire was pretty timid, and so we found that it worked best to stand in the shallow water where she could just stick her goggles in and see the fun, big fish swimming around her feet.  Pretty big stuff for a four year old!

The most exciting part of the day is when Ryenne and I were out snorkeling in the coral.  She had just been telling me how she had seen lots of cool fish, but what she really wanted to see was a turtle.  We started snorkeling again, and about three seconds later, I looked down just in time to see a turtle right below me!  We laugh now at how I started freaking out, trying to get her attention!  She saw it too and we watched for a minute before we realized it's shell was stuck between the two rocks it had been swimming through.  Ryenne was able to swim down and help it out.  Her turtle adventure turned out even better than she had hoped!

Emmy had been swimming nearby and had seen a turtle too (maybe the same one?), but Kate was so disappointed to have missed it.  I was sad for her too, since she had been the bravest one and had spent the most time in the water in hopes to see one!

Besides the sea life, we had fun people watching too!  Our favorite was the older couple who walked by.  The mister had the smallest little speedo we'd seen, while the missus sported a full body wetsuit, complete with her fins, goggles, and snorkel.  Awesome!

(When I wanted the kids to gather for a picture in front of the bay, Emmy almost refused because it was "so embarrassing"!  That girl!)

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