Thursday, May 2, 2013

a day at the pcc

One of our favorite days in Hawaii was spent at the Polynesian Cultural Center.  We had to laugh though, because we chose the first and hottest day of our trip to spend there, and the kids were dying.  It would have been a perfect day to have a little rain or overcast sky, because much of it was spent sitting in the sun.  Oh, well- that's how we roll!

I've been to the PCC lots of times, and Courtney and I went there together on a trip also, but we were excited to take the girls.  It was mostly the same (same cheesy jokes!), and the girls loved it.  Ryenne can still make us laugh with her perfect impression of the way things are done in Samoa.

The kids loved the boat show, especially when one of the boats "drivers" fell in the water.  Every time a boat came by, the girls would say that it was their favorite one!

(Our girls, who are quite the tree climbers themselves, were quite impressed with this guy's skills.)

Of course, the girls wanted to meet this guy, but Kate was the only one brave enough to ask!  :)

making fishies on a stick. . .!

Claire had been talking for weeks about seeing the "fire dancers" everyone had told her about and was so excited to see the night show.  Wouldn't you know it, she fell asleep almost as soon as the show started.  We tried everything (even ice cream!) to try to wake her up, but the poor girl was just plain worn out!  We bought a DVD afterwards so she could watch the "fire dancer show".  The other girls were absolutely mesmerized by the whole show and still say that it was their favorite part of the day. 

(I'm trying to inspire them to go to school at BYU-H.  So obviously, this day was a big weapon in my arsenal.  Now I keep telling them that if they there, they can learn to dance like that too!)

(It's so fun to see these pictures, and reminds me of the fun we had on our trip. One thing about our day at the center that made us laugh is that as we were leaving the New Zealand exhibit, I thought I saw a friend that I had known in our ward growing up. When I called her name, sure enough, she turned around! What a small world. We ended up seeing them a few days later at Pearl Harbor too!)

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Darcie said...

Remind me again why I didn't go to BYU-H with you?! Seriously Kelly, kick me when I do dumb stuff like that (skipping BYU-H.)

I love hearing about your trip! So fun to imagine our little family there one day... maybe. Keep the pictures coming.