Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a forty year old head

This past Sunday I attended a farewell meeting for my friend's son who will soon be leaving on his mission.  It was an excellent meeting and gave me much to think about.  I was so impressed with his talk, and one thing he said really stood out to me.  He mentioned that while he knew his mission was the right path for him, he understood that he would still make mistakes along the way.  He then told this story:

President Monson said he remembers being in a meeting with the 1st Presidency & the twelve . They were talking about a mistake made by a missionary. He said that the tone of the meeting was serious and they were rather critical of the missionary. Elder LeGrand Richards said, “Now brethren, if the good Lord wanted to put a 40 year old head on a 19 year old body, He would have done so, but He didn’t. He put a 19 year old head on a 19 year old body, and we should be a bit more understanding.” President Monson said that the mood of the group changed, the problem was solved, and they moved on with the meeting.

I loved that!  I came home and related this story to Courtney.  I have been thinking how this also applies to me as a parent.  So often I am "rather critical" of my children, and all too often expect them to behave with a "40 year old head".  However, they are still small, still learning.  How many times each day could Heavenly Father remind me, "Now Kelly.  If I had wanted to put a 40 year old head on her little body I would have done so.  You should be a bit more understanding. . ."?  Too often, I'm afraid. 

And for myself?  Sometimes I am "rather critical" of my own mistakes.  I think it would do me well to remember that Heavenly Father has given me a 34 year old head for a reason.  I am still learning and growing.  The life experiences I face each day are usually coming at me for the first time and while I make my share of bloopers, I'm honest-to-goodness doing the best I know how.  A little understanding and patience with myself could go a long way. 

Now, what to do when I hit the ripe old age of forty, I don't know.  Hopefully a bucket full of wisdom arrives on that magic day? 

Guess I'll just have to use the 80 year old head excuse.

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