Sunday, March 11, 2012

aunt kelsey did it

Whilst I was in the hospital for my December staycation (because we all know that's what hospitals are for, right?), Claire underwent a styling change to her golden locks.  Unbelievably, until now, we haven't had a self haircut by one of the girls.  There's a first time for everything, right?  That's what we thought, anyway - until Miss Claire set us all straight.

According to an eye witness account, Grandma walked in just as Claire dropped the scissors and sped out of sight.  Upon closer inspection, Grandma found that Claire was missing a sizable amount of hair on the right side of her head.  A clean cut over her ear.  (And a fine mullet it was, I hear.) 

Of course, the evidence tends to lead one to assume that Claire was the guilty culprit. 

Fortunately, Aunt Kelsey is quite handy with her own set of scissors, and so Grandma took mullet girl to pay her a visit.  

As you can see, Claire was thrilled, absolutely thrilled! at the outcome.  Not only did she think she looked a bit "like a boy", she was mad that they wanted to take a picture of the spectacle.  Girlfriend was not happy.

A few days later, I found out why.  Claire was wanting me to put her hair into piggy tails (her favorite 'do), and I had to explain that there ain't gonna be no pigtails for a while on account of Miss Claire cutting her hair.  When I suggested that she was the one responsible for the pigtail hiatus, she exclaimed, "I didn't cut my hair like this, KELSEY DID!"

Turns out this whole time we had the wrong criminal.  Thanks a lot, Aunt Kelsey.

ps.  Claire has since recovered from the initial shock and is quite taken with her hair.  Especially since she can do cool things like mohawks and stuff.  But if you meet her on the street and ask about her new hairdo?  She'll tell it to you straight. 

Aunt Kelsey did it.

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