Wednesday, March 14, 2012

all in the details

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent a group email to a few of us and asked us how life was going, requesting "DETAILS".  I finally got around to responding last night.  As my response sums up a typical day in mid-March 2012, I thought I'd post it here so we'll have a permanant record of our craziness :


R and C: Neither of you said if I can bring cookies to you for farewell dinners. Well? (By the way, I make a MEAN cookie!)   T, thank you for your "details"! Even though we see each other, I feel like we haven't had a chance to get caught up. It's been BUSY!  I miss you all! Here are my details:

1.   Well, I did approximately 73 loads of laundry yesterday. I didn't do any today, which means I will have approximately 47 waiting tomorrow.

 2.   Samuel is growing like a weed and is pretty much the cutest kid on the block. (We don't have many babies on our block, so he wins that category easily. Smart kid, eh?)

 3.   Claire is spunky as ever. Good thing I have her around because she makes me laugh every. single. day. (More like every hour to be exact).

4.   Emmy tried on some "handydown" sandals from "the box" yesterday. They didn't fit. She has only asked me 22 times today to get them again in case her feet have grown the necessary half inch since yesterday morning. I declined each time on account that I highly doubted the occurance of the hoped for growth spurt. Long story short, Emmy is not happy with me tonight.

 5.   Kate is hoping to have Mr. E next year as Miss L told us that Mr. B is a great teacher, but she felt Mr. E would appreciate Kate's "charming personality" a bit more. Not sure how to take that.

6.   Ryenne. She turns twelve next month which I think speaks volumes. Any questions?

 7.   Kelly. Well, the good news is that I painted the Ryenne and Kate's bedroom last weekend, which I would have never been able to do a month ago. I'm feeling a little more energy- yay! I've seen a few new doctors (a neurologist and g.i. doc) and they know I have neuropathy (nerve damage) in my arms/legs and also my stomach ( which has produced a chronic condition called gastroperesis). I understood only about 2% of what the neurologist told me, basically- my peripherial nerve system is sick but they don't know why. The GI specialist can't figure it out either. The good news is that I have a few answers to why my legs get weak and why I feel nauseous all the time. The not so good news is they can't figure out why it's happening, but really, I refuse to be bummed about these relatively little problems. I'm so, so lucky. My internist said the neurologist's best guess is that there is an autoimmune problem going on, but they haven't been able to pin it down and so our only option is to wait for the "next big thing" to happen. Sounds comforting, eh?

8.   Courtney. The most patient guy on the planet. Also, they just hired two guys who are moving to Moab to take care of most of the Southern Utah work for T&L. He'll still have to travel some, but if it works out it should be much less. Amen and hallelujah!

 9.   Last of all (I didn't realize I had so many details): The bad news is that Ryenne saw two snakes in the "snake tree" this past weekend. I was taking a nap at the time but Courtney has told me that the snakes have been "neutralized by a kinetic event" (I guess that's a politically correct term for shooting the dang things). The good news is that as we were discussing the probability of the tree coming down, Claire informed us, "Here's the deal. I'm good at kicking snakes." Problem solved after all.

Well, there you have it. I took the whole clan to the dentist last week and realized we're a traveling circus. Hope life is good with all of you. I love you all and miss your happy, smiling faces!
Love, Kelly

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