Tuesday, January 24, 2012

someday we may be doing this for real

These are the only surviving "bridal portraits" Emmy got of Claire.  Unfortunately, the card for the camera was full unbeknownst to Emmy, so we only have two out of the fifty or so she took.  The whole idea of it makes me laugh.  However, the thought that someday we may do taking bridal portraits of the girls makes me say a big holy cow!  I know they are growing up faster than I would like because Ryenne got her first invitation to an official Young Women's meeting.  Crazy for sure.

Speaking of future weddings, the man of the house has a great idea (thinks he).  He came up with a plan to schedule all four girls weddings in four days.  That way, they can each use the same decorations, the same dress, etc.  I suppose we'd have to splurge for fresh appetizers for each one which would be a bummer.  Always trying to save a penny, that guy.  He has yet to convince the girls of this fabulous idea.  I wish him the best of luck with that endeavor. 

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Darcie said...

Very cute!

(and sorry Kell, there's no "may" about it. Someday you'll be doing this for real... four times. :) Very cute!