Saturday, January 7, 2012

cookie party 2011

Along with the rest of the holidays, Grandma's famous cookie party came and went too quickly.  Each year, it proves to be a favorite night for all the kids.  They love seeing their cousins, decorating cookies, and always look forward to seeing the Big Guy.  Grandma always invites Santa Claus, and while we never know for sure that he'll be able to make an appearance (he's pretty busy this time of year, you see), he hasn't disappointed yet. 

I love to watch the faces of all the little ones when they hear the bells jingling as he makes his grand appearance!  This year, Claire was busy decorating cookies when her hard work was interrupted by the arrival of the man in the red suit.  As soon as she realized what was happening, she made a bee line for him.  I loved watching her follow along as he made his way downstairs, jumping up and down and talking a million miles a minute to him the whole way.

The girl loves her some Santa Claus!

Everyone in attendance looks forward to the chance to sit on Santa's knee and receive their coveted bag of goodies.  Even better than the treats that usually fill the bag, the kids and adults alike wait with excitement to see the special ornament that Santa brings each year.  We are all amazed by the perfect fit of each ornament- as it always depicts something special about that person's life the previous year.  On thing's for certain, Santa and his helpers are pretty spot on when it comes to special events like this.

Fortunately, our entire household was deemed worthy to sit on the "nice" knee.  (The cousins usually take a vote whether you've earned the "naughty or nice" side.)  I was especially satisfied in their rousing support of my good behavior.  It helps to be a little under the weather, I've decided.  If nothing else, I was granted parole on account of a seeming sense of widespread sympathy.  I'll take what I can get.

Once again, the cookie party is deemed a highlight of the Christmas season.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

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