Thursday, November 4, 2010

our little ol' pumpkin-walk-ditching-halloween-party

Once upon a time, there was a good little elementary school that held lots of fun little traditions.  Lots and lots, in fact.  One fine day a little family sent their first child to this friendly little school.  Ahhh, kindergarten.  Mommy and Daddy were so happy with the school, and although a little sad to send their first child off to school, they were so happy it was a nice little school with nice teachers and nice little traditions. 

One such tradition was the annual pumpkin walk, at which each class picks a theme and the children decorate their pumpkin according to the theme.  So fun, and not too much work.  You see, one little child with one little pumpkin to decorate is not so difficult.  Soon, however, Mommy and Daddy sent daughter number two off to the nice school and the pumpkin walk became a little trickier.  After all, children wanted a "class pumpkin" and a carved pumpkin.  One pumpkin would not do. 

One day as Mommy was contemplating the multitude of pumpkin chores that lay before her, she had an epiphany.  The pumpkin walk was not vital to daughters wellbeing!  In fact, it was highly likely that they would survive without it!  On the other hand, with Daddy out of town, the likelihood of mommy (and therefore the children) surviving extensive pumpkin decorating was not good.   

Mommy hatched a plan.  A party plan that no one could refuse!  "We will skip the pumpkin walk!,"  she offered.  Instead?  A family party of monstrously simple proportions:  autumn food, pin the nose on the pumpkin, and donut-on-the-string. 

And so it was, a family tradition was born. . .

This year, Claire was not so happy about sharing her donuts.  Each time Emmy came close to getting a bite, Claire got upset and pushed her away.  After all, she had been eyeing up those donuts all. day. long.  When it came to sharing?  She was really naughty.

Like any good parents would do, we just laughed. 

Pumpkin-walk party #4. . .a smashing success!

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