Sunday, November 7, 2010

more halloween fun

The school's costume parade. . .
 Kate's classroom party. . .

Here we are on the big night, ready to bring in the sugar. 

 Our spooktacular little bat. . . .

 . . .and beautiful indian princess.
My knight in shining armor, Mr. Mad Scientist.
 Miss Minnie Mouse
 We didn't get any pictures at Grandma & Grandpa J's party, but we had a great time.  After getting our fill of supper, we all piled into the family room to watch "Wait Until Dark".  We all about went through the roof at the end, and then had a good laugh at ourselves.

The next night was my family's annual Halloween Party.  Here's a look at the best duds. . .

 Aunt Nan dressed up as Grandpa Bop and Ronnie dressed as Nan!

 What Halloween party would be complete without the mummy game?

All in all, a fabulous Halloween! 

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dippyrooroo said...

You look fabulous as Cruela! You and your family are cute beyond words!