Saturday, April 10, 2010

too many stuff. . .easter 2010

Another fun Easter was had by all!

The girls were excited to see that the Easter Bunny decided to show up, leaving his trademark trails of candy throughout the house. This year, the girls decided to join in an old Croney tradition of leaving out three colored eggs for him to hide. This is how it works: Each girl dyes her 3 eggs in whichever color she chooses. The night before Easter, we leave out the baskets and a list of which basket and eggs belong to each girl. On Easter morning, before gathering the treats, each of the girls has to first find their basket, and then all three eggs. When I was growing up, the baskets were sometimes hidden in pretty tricky places. Once a few of us had to shimmy up to the roof to collect ours. I also had three brothers who thought it was really funny to find someone else's eggs and rehide them in an even trickier spot. For a small fee (paid in Easter loot), however, they would generously offer to help you. Ahhh. . .the things my girls will miss out on by not having a brother.Once all eggs and baskets are found, the girls gather into a circle, facing outward until they hear the magic words. "On your mark, get set, HAPPY EASTER!!!!"

. . .And they're off!

It was so funny to see Claire's face in the morning when we got her out her crib. She kept looking around with a silly grin on her face, looking at all of the candy everywhere and rubbing her eyes. You could see her wondering, "Is this a dream?"

Life is good!

After the hunt, Courtney and I had to laugh when we heard Emmy say, "I have too many stuff."
To this Kate replied, "No Emmy! On Easter you can't ever have too much stuff!"

Isn't that the truth! Happy Easter!

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D'Lonna said...

Oh man, I wish I was there to join in the pushing and shoving which may only be something your brothers-in-law do not your sweet girls.

I have good memories of Easter at the Croney's!