Thursday, April 1, 2010

a hot date

I like my Friday night dates. (Now that Buddy is certifiably graduated from his little obedience class, we are back on schedule. Hallelujah!)

Even though our dates aren't too fancy (usually dinner and some errands), I look forward to these nights away, and actually take the opportunity to spruce up a bit. In fact, I may go the extra mile- apply a little makeup and attire myself in something other than faded exercise pants.

Hey, it's the least I can do.

When we head out the door, I don't feel the least bit guilty. After all, a happy mom and dad make happy children. Right?

So I had to laugh when I overheard this little exchange between Emmy and Claire yesterday:

Claire was carrying around a little baby doll, not really sure what to do with it. Emmy decided to help out. Using her best grown-up voice, she sweetly bent down to Claire and asked,

"That's a cute baby! Do you want me to watch your baby while you and your husband go on a hot date?"

Just training them young.


Heather W. said...

LOL! That's cute!

Darcie said...

love that she added "hot." Hee hee.