Wednesday, January 6, 2010

santa came! . . .christmas 2009

"He came! Santa came!"

This is how Christmas morning began at the W house. What a fun day. . .

For Claire, Santa brought her own little stuffed "goggie" (puppy) and a little backpack to carry it in.For Emmy, a workbook (that will come in handy on all those 'boring' days with mom), a sled, and yes. . .as requested she lost one of her two front teeth on Christmas eve!

And for Kate? The one, most important thing Kate had asked for was a puppy. Mom and Dad tried telling her that this wasn't likely.

However,(if you don't already know by now), Santa is magic. And he can make things happen that ordinarily seem most impossible.

You can imagine the girl's surprise when Uncle Shawn rang the front doorbell and in ran this cute little ball of fur.

Meet the newest addition to our family. . .Buddy.

This wasn't what Mom and Dad had planned. In fact, they have been heard saying (more than once), "We won't EVER have an animal in the house."

The things Santa can arrange.

You see, a week or so before Christmas, Mom and Dad received a very important letter in the mail.

Postmarked from the North Pole, Alaska.

The letter read:

Mr. and Mrs. W,

Greetings from the North Pole. As you can well imagine, we are very busy getting ready for the big day, but I hope to take a moment to have a correspondence with you. It has come to my attention that your daughters, Ryenne, Kate, Emmy and Claire have a desire to receive a puppy. (Oh, what a wonderful thing that would be!)

Being that they are clearly on the "nice" list, I would like to honor this request. Indeed, it would make be very happy to make this come to be. However, due to the cold climate of the North Pole, along with the hazards of taking a tiny puppy on such a long journey in my sleigh, I am afraid I need your help in this matter.

If you would be obliged, I would ask of you to arrange a small puppy for the girls for Christmas morning. It would be my pleasure to provide a few small toys for the dog to play with, but the puppy- I am afraid, must be left to you. I have in mind a small dog, apricot in color and of a calm disposition. If it is agreeable to you, I feel it would be best if this puppy was able to live inside the home with you. I think this would bring great joy to your daughters.

It is my greatest wish to honor the deepest wishes of these sweet girls hearts. If you might so be inclined, please respond to this request with the utmost urgency. The time is at hand, so you must be prompt in this manner. With this, along with a wish of "Merry Christmas!", I bid farewell.

Love, Santa Claus

Later that day, Kate remarked, "If anyone doesn't believe in Santa Claus, they should just read this letter."

She also kept saying over and over, "I never thought we'd ever have a inside puppy."

Either did I, but let me ask you, how do you disagree with Santa Claus?

As for Ryenne, she was thrilled with her new vest.

Following the excitement of Buddy (the girls unanimously decided on this name), Mom and Dad had one last surprise for the girls. For the second year in the row, we all bundled up and trudged out to the playhouse. Last year, Dad had worked feverishly around the clock to try to finish it up for them, but to no avail. There was more to be done than time would allow.

So this year? We tried again. And except for painting the downstairs floor (which I promised the girls could help me do) it is done! And the girls? They were absolutely thrilled!

Once they'd gotten a good look around, they immediately set about cooking and having a tea party with their new dishes!

A look at their new digs. . .

A new little electric fireplace keeps the playhouse nice and cozy so the girls can still have sleepovers even in the winter.

Ryenne thought it was "the perfect playhouse", and Emmy asked if Mom and Dad couldn't just go to all the Christmas parties and let the girls stay at home to play.

We knew they'd regret it though, so after a morning of playing, we set off Christmas afternoon to Grandma T and Grandpa L's house.

The girls had a super time playing with their new toys and cousins. . .in their pj's of course.

Next, it was off to Grandma J.
At Grandma J's house, Claire and Bridger got together for an impromptu jam session. They are pretty good, if I must say so myself. There is nothing quite so magical as Christmas. Spending all day with the people you love. Santa. Special suprises. Pajamas around the clock. For one wonderful day, all is right with the world.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Darcie said...

The playhouse looks marvelous! They are going to have so much fun...

Cody, Lisa & Lexi said...

kelly i have to admit, you are like the rolemodel mom.. you should start teaching classes on it! I admire how much fun you have with your kids, and how much patience you have!

kelly said...

lisa. . . you need to know the truth. I am not a rolemodel mom. I should not teach any classes. I don't always have so much fun with my kids. And I don't often have much patience. If you don't believe me, just ask the girls. They'll back me up. . .100%.