Thursday, January 21, 2010

she's got a good thing going

Miss Claire happens to be a favorite around this place.

She's sayin' "tank ew." "Oh oooohhhh". "Shocks" (socks). "Shewwwws"(shoes). "Cheese". And more. , ,

A week or so ago, when Ryenne climbed into the car after school, we all laughed when Claire yelled "Rye, Rye!"

Ryenne thought it was pretty funny the first few times.

Each time she dutifully turns around and responds to Claire's babbling. She comments appropriately, telling Claire, "Wow", and "oh, really?" and then turns around to face front.

Immediately, "RYE, RYE!" This continues the whole car ride.

And we all laugh every time. (Except Ryenne.)

That's the beauty of being the baby. It doesn't matter what you do. . .everyone thinks you're the cutest thing going.

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