Thursday, January 28, 2010

dear buddy

Dear Buddy,

You are in serious trouble, mister.

You chewed through the cord of my electric blanket. Until now, I thought we'd escaped the typical chewing disasters I'd heard befall most puppy owners. I am aware that you have a fetish with panties (a little gross to me), but I have been patient with this, as panties cost a good bit less than a shoe. But alas, the other night we tried to warm up the bed for the night (and Buddy, a warm bed makes me very happy). It was of no use.

As in, YOU had chewed through the cord. (Either you or a monstrously large mouse).

Buddy, I was NOT happy. Not happy indeed.

Luckily, my resident handy-man was able to fix it. I know you already like him very much (as do I), but you better be extra nice to him. He got you out hot water, he did.

So as for the next time you decide to weasel your cute little hide under our bed: STAY AWAY FROM MY ELECTRIC BLANKET. OR ELSE!

Or else. . .or else. . ..hmmmm.

Okay. Who am I fooling? Like the four other little people around here who leave messes for me to clean up, often break my valuables, and sometimes drive me crazy but whom I absolutely and completely adore. . .

We both know the truth, don't we Buddy?

You're not going anywhere.

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