Thursday, August 20, 2009

someday i'm gonna miss this. . .

It's almost time for school to start. Which means I've been wondering if I've enjoyed the summer enough. Summer and all of it's magic.

Summer is precious, because for these three months, the girls are all mine. Too soon they will be swallowed up by the school year and all that it brings. This is the last summer Ryenne will be 9. Next summer will find her even more grown up. . .a little taller, a bit more mature, and a smidgen less innocent. School does that.

So this week? I want to savor each minute. Hang out. Take naps. Cuddle with my girls. Let them play. I don't want to be responsible this week. I just want the girls to have a little more time to be children.

And while I haven't cleaned a toilet, put away the laundry, or mowed the lawn, I've looked around at my home in all of it's disordered glory from a different perspective. I realize that someday, my house will be clean again. My laundry will be caught up. I won't have post-it notes stuck on my mantle. No dollhouse or polly pockets strewn throughout the dining room.

And you know what I'm thinking? I'm pretty sure I'll miss it.

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