Friday, August 21, 2009

skippy turns five!

It's true! Our little Emmy Summer is five years old, and she couldn't be more excited!

Her birthday was a pretty eventful day, as Uncle Josh and Aunt Kendra were married on the same day! We celebrated that morning with daddy's traditional birthday donuts (he talked her out of bacon cheeseburgers, which is what she had ordered for her birthday breakfast!).
Mommy and Daddy left for the temple, and Emmy was able to spend the day playing at Grandma C's house with her sisters and the Stosich boys, who were there playing for a few hours. That evening we had a little celebration at Grandma & Grandpa J's house. (Emphasis on little!) Last year we celebrated her birthday while Claire and I were in the hospital, and I wanted to make it special this year. Added to my worries was the fact she had been planning her birthday shin dig for months months! Her plans included a water party, ice skating, swimming, and on and on. When it worked out like it did, I was afraid she would be disappointed, but in typical Emmy style, she was oh so happy about her big day!
Her cousin Mckell made her the cutest cake, complete with a monkey, flowers, ladybugs, and a butterfly. She loved it and I loved that Mckell made it!

When we had asked Emmy whether she wanted clothes or toys for her birthday, she said "clothes!" And she was happy to get quite a few new sassy skirts and shirts for preschool. She only wears dresses or skirts- no shorts for this little gal!
In addition to her new duds, she received a little notebook, post-it notes, and a calculator. (She loves to be a secretary!) And we can't forget her pink baseball mitt. When I picked that out, her dad asked, "Does it have to be pink?" Sometimes we get a little heavy on the pink around here.

Even though Emmy is now a big five year old, we decided to wait another year before sending her off to kindergarten. Instead, she'll be going to Miss Jami's preschool (a first for our girls). And we can't forget ballet! She is SOOOOO excited to be starting ballet with Halle and has been wearing her leotard and skirt around all week. It's funny how with Ryenne, we were so antsy to get started with kindergarten, and now I'm hanging on just as long as I can. I guess I'm just realizing how fast they're growing up. I'm so glad I get Emmy to myself for one more year.
Happy Birthday Emmy Summer! You bring a happiness and laughter into our home that is unique only to you- thank you for making our hearts smile!

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