Saturday, July 26, 2008

Visit to the Golden Spike

A few weeks ago, the girls and I were feeling a little antsy to get out of the house, so we decided to make a trip out to Promontory, where the golden spike was driven to commemorate the meeting of the rails. Right here in Box Elder County! The girls hadn't been there before, and it had been since elementary school for me, so we headed out west to take a look.

We had a great time. The girls saw a film about the "race" to bring the rails from the west and the east and connect the country. We learned quite a bit of history! The highlight had to be seeing the engines move back to the engine house for the night. After being shown around a bit by the engineer, we stood on the platform to watch the engines depart. The whistle about knocked us down!
Kate had a whole grundle of questions for the ranger, and we were all glad she was brave enough to ask them. (We were all wondering many of the same things, but she is the one who gets things done!) The ranger loved Kate! The ranger had a fun accent, and when we were leaving, Kate asked her, "Where were you from before you came here?" The ranger responded that she was originally from Florida. Then she asked Kate, "Where were you from before you came here?" Kate told her from Tremonton. When the ranger asked her where she was from before she came to Tremonton, Kate looked a bit surprised, but then shrugged and said, "Heaven". Now it was the ranger who looked a bit taken back, but quickly recovered and laughed. "That's a pretty good answer," she said. It turned out to be a fun little outing.


dippyrooroo said...

Wow! I was checking to see if baby girl had shown up yet, but it looks like you're too busy for that! You guys have really been hopping! Way to enjoy your summer! I love the Old Ephriam story and got a big giggle out of Kate's "heaven' story! One year we did a family reunion at Bear Lake and took a really neat cave tour! Have you guys done that?

Darcie said...

We went to the Golden Spike in HS for our Senior Class picture--all850 of us. It was really fun!