Sunday, May 4, 2014

this made me laugh. . .

 A few weeks ago, Claire and Sam were playing in the other room when she stopped long enough to come and inform me, "Mom.  If  you're ever scared you are perfectly safe cuz Sam knows how to sword fight and I know karate."

Since that moment, I have had no worries about my personal safety.  Whatsoever.

Oh, and a few days ago, she and I were doing some shopping at Sam's Club (sorry, Uncle Shawn- I am letting down the whole human race, I know :).  Sam was wearing his awesome "towwwboy" getup, and Claire was begging me for a hotdog- something that happens about, well never.  I have somewhat of a personal bias against hotdogs.

I was looking at something when I turned back to the cart to find Claire's face just inches from mine.  In her most dramatic voice, she said, "Mom, isn't there nothing better than gazing into each other's faces?   I just love gazing into your face."

You can bet I bought her a $1.27 hot dog for that one.

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