Sunday, May 4, 2014

savannah, part one

(The two of us at the Crystal Beer Parlor, a great little restaurant near our place.  We went here several times and loved it (skipped the beer though).  I knew it would be a great experience when the hostess walked toward us and said in the most awesome Southern drawl, "Hey Sugaaa's. . . ")

Early this Spring, I realized we had some flight miles that were going to expire.  Letting them go to waste is unacceptable, of course, and so I talked my mister into going on a trip with me.  To Savannah, Georgia.

It was a good idea.  

We're kind of nerds about anything old, and so being in this amazing city with twenty-something blocks of old everything (did you know Savannah has the largest urban historic district in the country?) was perfect for us.  I found the best bed and breakfast for us to stay, in the heart of the historic district- it was actually it's own separate property but they delivered breakfast and goodies each day.  

That was a good idea too.  :)

We loved having our own little place, away from the hustle and bustle of all the hotels and such.

Our first full day, we hired a guy for a walking tour.  We've never done that before (I know, it sounds a little nerdy), but it was great!  Savannah is such a great walking city.  In fact, we only drove our car about twice the entire 9 days we were there.  A walking tour was a great way to get a feel for the way everything is laid out, and we learned a ton of history.  I think it set the stage for the rest of our stay.

 (Loved this sign advertising the "anti-migraine" formula, promised to cure headaches.  The doctor was later shut down when his magic potion was discovered to be opium!)

 (The most beautiful Cathedral- I wish I could take better pictures, because it took my breath away.)

 (Forsythe Square- famous from Forrest Gump.)

 One of my favorite things about Savannah are the squares (kind of like a park).  Each little block is set up in a square, with a park in the center.  Many of them have a monument, fountain, or something special, but each has amazing live oak trees, flowers, and benches.  Facing the square on all four sides are amazing old homes, mansions, and churches.  It is beautiful and peaceful, I felt like we were in a movie. . .

 I had to take a picture with this cool old car because, well- because it is in my blood to notice cool old cars!

For some reason, this restaurant reminded me of the Princess and the Frog movie.  Claire has been really into "making Gumbo" lately (a story for another day), and I kept thinking of Tiana and her Gumbo restaurant dreams the whole time we were there!

(Courtney spotted this towel in a boutique window and sent a picture to Ryenne to let her know we'd found her souvenir :)

Ahhhh.  These pictures make me miss that place. . .

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