Thursday, April 24, 2014

the many looks of mister sam

On any given day, Sam may be wearing either a dress and flip flops or a cowboy hat and boots.  When Aunt Haylee saw this picture above, she commented that she didn't know which was more disturbing- the dress or the fact that his toenails are painted.  In our defense, we didn't paint his nails- he and his cousin Abigail found the polish at a family party.  (Let's just say they did one heck of a job.  The next day Jodi found pink nail polish on Abigail's teeth!)

Regardless of the dresses (I've decided that one reason he loves them is that they are so darn easy to slip on!), this kid is boy, boy, boy!  Tractors, trains, and cowboy hats- he is obsessed!

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