Monday, January 13, 2014

One afternoon this past fall, I got home from running a few errands and found Courtney and the girls playing in this huge pile of leaves.  They were dying for me to jump in with them.  I was a little suspicious (and a little worried they had a snake or something in there!).  Finally, I decided to give it a go, and just as I got ready to jump, up popped one of the girls! They had carefully covered her in leaves and were waiting to get me! Scared me half to death!

Lunch date with Emmy

Sam had a short-lived venture in potty training, after I finally decided that potty training couldn't be worse than him trying to change his own diapers.  He picked it up like a pro and after about 4 days I thought we were home free. . .'til he got sick.  After that, he refused to go (and I refused to make him!)  Oh well, guess we'll try again!  Potty training is definitely on my list of mommy chores that I'd gladly pay someone to do!  :) 

Have I mentioned that our dog is huge?

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