Sunday, January 12, 2014

more summer memories- 2013

On the fourth, (or the twenty fourth?) of July, we got together at Grandma Jones' house for a BBQ and a some redneck slip and sliding.  The kids used about a gallon of dish soap on the plastic!  For a minute there, I didn't know if they were going to stop.  They had a blast!

Then, out of nowhere, the rain started.  It was the most amazing summer rainstorm!  

I loved it when I looked over to see the little's huddled under Uncle Nate's truck cover.  Smart kids!

One summer night, Sam went with Courtney and I on a hot date.  We ate out on the patio (my favorite) and had a few duck friends come to visit.  Of course, that was a hit with Sam!

Loved these next few pictures of Sam helping Grandma water her garden.  My kids are so lucky.

Our garden boxes this summer.  This year, each of the kids picked a box and picked out what they wanted to grow.  They planted it and cared for it all summer.  It was fun to see what they wanted to grow.  Kate and Emmy wanted to try watermelon and cantaloupe, which we grew for the first time.  Next year maybe we'll be able to grow them bigger?  :)  We did have a few possession issues when it came to sharing the produce!  I love learning how to garden alongside my kids.

Last but not least, our Brooklyn friends came for an afternoon visit.  Wish so much that they could move next door!  I'd even consider selling our pasture to them if they'd build a house there (and that's saying a lot!)  Love this family!

Another fun summer, my days are flying by too fast with this bunch!

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