Sunday, January 12, 2014

lake powell 2013

Another fun trip to Lake Powell last summer.  A few highlights:
1.  Ronnie and Nan's ski boat had mechanical problems, (which was maybe not a highlight?) but we still had a great campsite and a super fun time.  Spent a lot of time in the kayaks, jumping off the boat and cliffs, and swimming.
2.  The kids had a lot of fun fishing and even ate a few!  Claire got a big 'ol honkin' carp which she was super proud of but awful mad when her dad cut the line and let it go.  Awful mad.
3.  Throwing glow sticks off the top deck of the houseboat at dark and then jumping in after them  - always a favorite.
4.  My favorite memory from this trip will always be the kayak race Courtney and I and the girls had one afternoon.  He and I split up the girls between us, piled us all into the kayaks and raced back to the houseboat.  We were all sinking, and laughing so hard we could hardly paddle.  So much fun!  In the spirit of family history, I'll just add that my team won.)
5.  Sam came down with hand, foot, and mouth the first of the trip and was one miserable little guy.  No fun at all!

Hooray for Lake Powell memories!

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