Tuesday, April 9, 2013

aloha! . . .getting to hawaii

Yay, Hawaii!  Since we used free flight miles to get to Hawaii, we had to fly out of Las Vegas.  (Well, actually we could have flown out of Salt Lake City, then back East, then South- you get the picture.  It was faster for us to drive to Las Vegas and fly nonstop!)  So.  We spent the first day driving south.  The girls were so excited and had been counting down days since Christmas.  That being said, the seven hour + drive might have been a little bit painful.  I might have threatened one certain daughter to get out and walk a time or two.  But other than that, the drive was a blast.


Once we arrived, we ordered pizza and got settled into our hotel room for the night (after a swim in the pool, of course). 

And then, a bright and early breakfast and shuttle to the plane.  The girls were troopers and the flight was lovely (as lovely as a six hour flight can go).  Claire was an outstanding traveler the entire trip and was so happy to be together with everyone.  Several times she said, "You know what the best part of this trip is?  Being together!"  Everyone except Samuel, that is.  He stayed with the Petersen cousins and had a great time of his own being the center of attention.


Let's get this party started!

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