Thursday, February 28, 2013

baby gray is here!

Another cousin, hooray!  The kids have all waited a long time for Uncle Shawn and Aunt Kelsey's baby to arrive.  In fact, when this little guy's mom and dad decided to wait to his birth to find out if he was going to be a boy or girl, the cousins were dying of anticipation!  We were so excited to get the message early one morning that BABY BOY had arrived, safe and sound!  In fact, the girls knew it was likely he would be born that day, and made sure I would call them at the school to let them know if their new little cousin was a boy or a girl!

Hoping these two little guys are buddies!

The other day we were looking at his beautiful baby pictures, and the girls were oooohing and aaaahing over him.  I thought it was so cute when Ryenne exclaimed, "Oh!  I'm so proud to be his cousin!"  They are in love.  Me too, I might add.  I was so happy to spend an afternoon cuddling him after Kelsey got home from the hospital.  And today I'd had a little bit of a rough morning and happened to run into Kelsey and baby Gray.  Lucky for me, I got to cuddle him for a while and what do you know?  That little guy turned my frown upside down! 

Welcome, Baby Gray.  We're so happy you're here!  

ps.  Kelsey showed me this picture of Shawn when he was a little guy.  When Sam was small, I always thought he looked like Shawn, but I couldn't believe when I saw this.  It's like looking at a circa 1982 Samuel!

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