Thursday, February 28, 2013

king george for two, please

Since Courtney and I have been together since the beginning of time we have a high school song.  Of course we do!  (That was the cool thing to do, you know).   But give us some credit, because at least we chose one with a little staying power.  George Strait, Cross My Heart, thank you very much.  I have to admit I love music but I've never been one to keep up on what's cool and what's not in that scene- which I'm sure is shocking to you since I'm always on the cutting edge of all things hip and trendy.  But alas, I do have to say:  George Strait has class.  I like me some of his music. 
Therefore, when I heard the cowboy was riding away and this would be his last concert tour I thought to myself:  Darn it self, I know you haven't even been to a concert before, and you and your man are typically too cheap and a little too uncool to do things like that, but this has to be done.  And even though it was two months after tickets went on sale (because I'm nothing if not johnny-on-the-spot about things like this) I set about to finding a pair of them to give to my best guy for Christmas. 
Uhhhh.  That went well.
Lucky for us, I have a great friend who happened to hear about my despairing search and happened to find me some tickets that some sweet lady was selling for almost nothing after having won them on the radio.  Lucky for me she either didn't know how much they were going for, or was tickled pink to make even a little cash that I was able to get two semi-decent seats for a grrrrrreat price.  Even luckier, my sweet sister-in-law was willing to venture into the ghetto to pick them up for me.  A Christmas miracle, indeed.

And so it happened that me and my high school sweetheart went to hear King George play in his very last concert.  Here is the verdict:
*People watching was almost as good as the listening was.  Okay, it was better. 
*Beer and loud music do funny, funny things to people.
*I could have worn ear plugs and have still heard very well, thank you. 
*I'm not much of one to drool over movie stars (which um, hello! he's more than just a singer! didn't you ever see Pure Country?)
but I think Mr. Strait is pretty handsome, even though, holy cow-  he's getting old.
*Which, now that we've mentioned the movie thing - You're great, George, but stick with the singing.
*I love myself some George Strait and all, but some people reaaaaaallly love themselves some Martina Mcbride and George Strait.
(I would say we could have done without Martina Mcbride,but I'm afraid the lady sitting behind us might hunt me down- 
She was a fan in the most enthusiastic of terms.)
And finally. . .
*Wouldn't you know it, he never even played Cross My Heart.  Couldn't believe it.  We had to listen to that back at the hotel, which was actually pretty enjoyable.  Who knows, if he'd played it for us we might have even been inspired to dance in the aisles.
Probably not, but you never know about people at concerts. 

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Darcie said...

How fun Kelly!! I've always remembered that "cross my heart" was your song. I remember it being played at your wedding, and I've had a fondness for it ever since. In fact, it's often my loading the dishwasher song.

But what?! You didn't like Martina McBride?!? She's one of my favorites!