Monday, July 2, 2012

ryenne's birthday

So, um. ..Ryenne's birthday was kind of in April.  I realize that was quite a while ago, but here's a little bit about it:

She turned twelve.  Eeeeek!  She was super excited to start attending Young Women's, and just actually just returned from girl's camp.  She thinks it's pretty awesome.  As for me, it kind of freaks me out.

For her birthday, besides our little shopping trip to outfit her ever-growing legs- she was outfitted for the whole growing up business.  Mascara, razors, her own curling iron, yummy smelling glitter spray, etc.  Once again, she was very excited.  And again, it kind of freaks me out.

A little bit about Ryenne at twelve:

 *She has become a bit of a clean freak with her bedroom, which I never would have guessed would happen even a few years ago. 

*She has become a super-duper organzer, which is really cool for me.  A few weeks ago, I set her to work and she organized our entertainment center, the hall closet, and my bedroom closet.  It was FANTASTIC.  The only drawback is that she gets a leeeetle bit perturbed when her sisters mess up her finished product.  What do I say?  Welcome to homemaking, my dear.

*Ryenne has grown a lot this year!  She isn't too much shorter than I am, and we only wear a 1/2 size different in shoes.  She has pretty good taste, so I might be hoping we wear the same size soon.  Ryenne does not want to be tall, but we'll see what the next few years bring.

*This past year, our girl turned into a fabulous student.  She had a terrific year and loved almost everything about 6th grade.  Here's to hoping for another great year to come.  She is looking forward to being in the band again (she plays the flute), but so far has not decided if she'll continue ballet again.  We'll see!

She loves the Lord of the Rings movies (as do all of her sisters) and is starting to read the books at the suggestion of Kate, who is reading and loving them.  The other day Grandpa asked the girls what movie they wanted to watch and Ryenne told him, "Do you even have to ask?"  I have nothing to do with that obsession. 

Overall, Ryenne at twelve is a funny, creative, artistic, dramatic, smart, and GOOD girl! 

We love you Ryenne!  We're so glad we've had twelve years with you!

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