Monday, July 2, 2012

the cutest little guy i ever did see

At ten months (almost a year, it makes me want to cry) is as sweet as he ever was.  He's more mobile at this age than the girls ever were and wants to walk so bad.  He started out with a little army scoot, then started to crawl on all fours, and has since taken to doing what the girls call the "Mogley walk", crawling with his arms and legs stiff and his bum way up in the air.  He loves to walk behind his walker and thinks he's big stuff. 

While he's getting around plenty good, he doesn't have much to say.  He's been saying "Dada" for a few months, but despite all of our coaching, hasn't taken to saying anyone else's name.  Just today I walked in and he looked up at me and said, "Mama".  My heart about jumped out of my chest.  I admit, he pretty much has me wrapped around his chubby little fingers.  We love him to bits! 

So far, he's super friendly and is the cuddliest, most loving baby we've had.  He's always giving "loves" and likes to wrap his arms around everyone and snuggle into their neck.  He's also a pro at wide-open-mouthed baby kisses, although they've gotten a bit painful since he's gotten a few teeth!  At church, he flirts with all the ladies and goes down the rows, being passed from one to the next and giving them his famous loves. 

We might be biased, but we think he's the sweetest little guy around.  So glad he came to our family!

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