Monday, July 2, 2012

kate's 4th grade program

Kate was so excited for her 4th grade program this year, which told about Utah history.  She had a speaking part and was supposed to dress up as an indian, which I was happy about because we already had a costume.  The week leading up to the program, she asked me each day if we could get into the costume box and find her clothes.  True to form, I put it off until the morning of, and then remembered that half of the costume I thought we had actually belonged to Aunt Kerri.  Thank goodness Kate is so easy going.  She took it all in stride and told me that "at least we have brown leggings and no one will really see the bottom of the costume anyway".  What a trooper. . .just one more reason to love our "Kate the great"!  We loved watching our little brown bear in her program!

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