Friday, March 11, 2011

day two

Hmmmm. . .day two.  My initial plan was to write down a little bit at the end of each day (and have the girls do this, too), but boy!  At the end of the day we were all so stinkin' tired there was no energy left for writing.  Off to bed, we were!  So now I'm just looking at the pictures and hoping to remember the best of the best.

I would say the thing the girls remember most about our last trip to Disneyland (five years ago) is the tea cup ride.  This is because they and their Dad made me sick, sick, sick on the ride.  So you can bet that's the one thing they were all looking forward to doing again.  However, I refused to take even a step onto that ride this trip as I am doing a pretty good job at feeling sick all by myself these days.  Instead, I volunteered to take pictures, which was a little bit tricky because I was on the wrong side and they were spinning, of course!  However these were a few of my favorites.  It was the first ride of the morning and Courtney was a little hesitant to spin too much so early in the day. 


The other funny thing that happened each day was that whenever Claire would be on any rides that went into a dark tunnel (which is most of them!), she would immediately cover her eyes.  This would make us all laugh, especially when she rode on the Matterhorn and then forever after regaled us with her stories of a "scary  monster so I covered my eyes like this".  This is because she makes the funniest faces when she tells this story.  And probably also because she makes us all laugh no matter what she does.

Claire is a definite Daddy's girl, and always has been.  So being with her Daddy for five days straight was just her cup of tea.  At one point, Courtney or I said something to the affect of "What's Claire going to do when Daddy has to go back to work?"  Upon hearing this, she immediately perked up and with an alarmed look on her face asked, "WHAT?"  As in, "You mean this isn't going to last forever?"  I agreed wholeheartedly.  Sometimes real life is a bummer.

This is how we spent a little bit of each day, patiently (or somewhat impatiently) waiting for the bus.  We would usually eat breakfast each morning at the hotel, pack our sandwiches, and head out mid morning.  After eating our lunch at the park, Claire would fall asleep in the stroller- which made a perfect time for big kid/daddy rides.  I was happy to stroller/people watch while she snoozed.  Mid-afternoon, we would head back to the hotel for some swimming or naps and dinner, then back to the park for the evening.  All in all, the girls became pros at public transportation, and I was taken back a bit to my BYU-H days and all the bus waiting/cussing we did.  Our favorite bus story was the night we had waited at the stop for quite a while (it seemed the "every 20 minute schedule" didn't really mean every twenty minutes.  Of course we were thrilled when we saw our route #1 bus headed our way.  We all jumped up and got ready to load when the bus driver (we'll call him "grumpy") stepped off the bus, shut the door in our faces and said (in an I-hate-my-job-voice), "Ten-minute break" as he walked away.  Turns out Grumpy just needed a Dr. Pepper and after securing one, he came out of the motel, opened the door to the bus while we jumped off and got ready to board, and then once again shut it in our face while he nursed his soda.  Just happy to serve, he was. This gave us a good laugh for days. 

That night we were at California Adventure and watched the back side of "World of Color", the super cool water show that just opened.  We didn't have tickets for that night so we kind of watched it in reverse from the other side of the park.  Great view, but we found it much cooler the next night when we watched it from the front! 

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