Sunday, March 13, 2011

day three

I'll just say it.  Our girls are kinda chickens.  Well, I should say it this way- our girls used to be chickens!  They aren't very brave when it comes to riding the rides that look a little risky (risky being a relative term).  This trip, we decided to use bribery.  They each got a little notebook (to get autographs from all the characters and such), and we told them we'd give them a little star sticker for each time they rode a ride and if they were nice, ate well, etc.  The deal was, at the end of the trip, we would reimburse them with souvenir money for each star they had earned.  I tell ya, they quickly became a lot more brave!

For instance, last time we went to Disneyland, they hated the 3-D Bugs Life show.  Scared 'em to death.  Ryenne still remembered and swore she wouldn't go.  However, the stars did the trick and we were soon in line for the show.  (Which they all loved, by the way!)  And the glasses?  Well, we were quite in style.

This system worked for other rides as well.  In fact, the older three went on every one of the "scary rides" including Tower of Terror.  Kate had been the bravest about going on this ride, but as it turns out was the least happy about the experience!  Courtney had gone on the ride with them while I waited, and said the best part of it was watching Kate's face.  In fact, I think he may have paid good money to have a video of the whole thing.  Complete terror, I was told.  He thought it was hilarious- we're really good parents like that.  Emmy thought it was great and got right back on with me.  When we were in the waiting area, the other adults with us asked her if she was really going to ride it.  She happily responded, "Yip!  And I just did!"  They were all quite impressed, and then the man asked her if that was what had made her teeth fall out.  She thought that was pretty funny.

The other funny story is about the Indiana Jones ride.  Ryenne refused to ride on it the first go around, and Emmy was too short.  However, the next morning Emmy and Kate came out of their room looking pleased as punch.  Kate had been working to fill Emmy's keds with tissue to make her tall enough to get on the ride.  We kind of laughed them off and told them we didn't think it would do much good.  To our surprise (and the girls delight) it gave her over an inch!  Enough to get her in the ride.  They thought they were pretty smart!  After the ride, Ryenne agreed that it really wasn't that scary, after all.

That night we used our tickets to watch the water show, this time from the front!  We found great seats and had a terrific view.  It was a definite favorite- so magical and fun.  Besides, there is something so fun about seeing everything lit up at night. 
Another fun day!

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Darcie said...

so fun to read this kelly, I'm glad you were able to get away. i love disneyland, a little too much probably. and i love the shoe-stuffing :). Caroline borrowed some sandals from MJ that had an inch heel, which allowed her to get on the 40" rides... we now call the sandals her "disney shoes." i'm impressed your girls braved tower of terror, and that emmy wanted to go again! i don't know if i'll ever go on that ride again. :)

hope you're feeling alright, you're brave to take on disneyland pregnant!