Sunday, December 19, 2010

i love you, too

To my sweet little girls,

Sometimes I spend too much time focusing on our naughtiness.  I guess it helps me when I can laugh at us and our foibles (that's a fancy word for mistakes).  Yes, it is true that we have our share of not-so-picture-perfect moments as a family.   However, just tonight as I was just getting ready for bed, I was thinking about each of you.  And when I did, I didn't think of all the stinker-ish times.  I thought about how good you are.  I thought about how often you make me smile.  The thought crossed my mind that even though you sometimes make me want to pull my hair out (or say a naughty word), I most often feel something entirely different.

I love you, too.

Ryenne.  I love your creativity.  I love the way you decorated your room for Christmas, with snowflakes and cute letters (spelling s.n.o.w.!.)  hanging from the ceiling.  I smile every time I look in your bedroom.  I'm so glad that you're not in any hurry to grow up, although it's still happening awfully fast!  You just take your time, my little girl.  I'm proud of the way you take care of your younger sisters when you have a mind to (and realize that it's normal for you to not always have a mind to!), and for the fun you and Claire had tonight when you put on some Christmas music and danced around the family room.  I like the way you sing your way through whatever you might be doing.  You are creative and artistic and always quick to see the beauty in the world around us.   It's fun to see your sense of humor change and you often make me laugh out loud.  I think we will always be good friends, which makes me glad because I like you!  You are kind, thoughtful, and a blessing to our family.

Kate.  I love the way you use your time.  You are always wanting to learn and are often found sewing, drawing, or reading.  I am so glad about your new found love of anything artistic and it makes me happy to see you crocheting!  I never thought to do anything like that when I was your age, and I'm so happy you asked Grandma to teach you.  I like that when you want to learn something, you'll find a way!  My heart feels so good when I see the way you play with your sisters and I have loved watching you teach Emmy everything from reading and handwriting, to art and gymnastics.  You are becoming much more patient and are learning to work harder when something is difficult for you!  Good for you Kate!  It makes me happy every time you leave me a note on my pillow.   You often remember to tell me thank you for the things I do for you.  You have a big heart and are quick to notice when someone needs a kind word or a hug.  You are a good girl, through and through.

Emmy.  My little energizer bunny, how you are growing!  I am so glad I have a half-day with you this year.  I love to see your toothless grin as you get off the bus each day.  I love our special time together in the afternoons when I read you a story or help you with your piano and homework.  You try hard to learn and to excel in school and in piano.  It's fun to watch your excitement when you learn something new and set out to become better!.  You are becoming more patient all the time, which is something that is hard for you.  I am so happy about the way you treat Claire and she is so excited when you come home from school.  She looks up to you and learns so much from you.  I love you and you make me very happy.   I can't look at your cute freckles and perfect smile without my heart feeling like it will burst!

Claire.  You are the sunshine in our family.  We all love you so much and you make us smile from sun-up to sun-down.  I love the way you dance all day long, singing and twirling and making me smile.  I have to laugh at all the funny things you say.  I like nothing better than to cuddle with you in the rocking chair and read a book with your cute little cheeks next to mine.  I'm so glad you are quick to pass out hugs and kisses!  I don't get much done when you are around, but you are so much fun that I hardly even mind.  No terrible two's for you!  You have made an age that used to seem so difficult into one that seems so fun and enjoyable.  I wouldn't trade my days with you for anything.  You are an absolute joy and we all adore you.

Oh, my little girls.  I could go on and on about all the good I see in you and how my heart is so proud of you.  I love who you are and all that you are becoming.  I thank Heavenly Father each day for your special spirits and am in awe that He has entrusted me with your care.   We are growing together, you and I.  Thank you for being patient with me and loving me all the same.  That is the best thing about being part of a family, isn't it?  Learning, growing, faltering, and forgiving.

I love you.  I love being your mom.  And guess what?

You make me smile much, much, more often than you make me cry.

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