Tuesday, December 28, 2010

grandma's cookie party

Grandma's annual cookie party is always a highly anticipated event- one that the girls look forward to as Christmas approaches. They always know that there will be cousins to play with, sugar to consume, and if they are lucky, a special visitor! This year didn't disappoint, and everyone had a great time as usual.

You know cookie baking is seeerious beeeezness when you have to remove your shirt to do so. 

Kate had attended a friend's baking party earlier in the day and was so happy to have the appropriate head gear in which she could perform her baking duties.

Daniel, Ryenne, and Emmy couldn't let the new arrival of snow go to waste, and ventured out in the dark to have some fun.  They rolled a ball so big, they could barely budge it.  (Unfortunately, it started to rain shortly thereafter and continued until Christmas, destroying our hopes of a white Christmas.)

Papa was super excited about the whole thing.

Can you blame him?  Look at this crew!

When all the cookies were baked and packaged to send home, the excitement began to mount as everyone listened for the oh-so-exiting sound of jinglebells, signaling the arrival of our favorite visitor.  And arrive he did!  There are few things more magical than the look on all the little faces when those door opens upstairs and those bells start to jingle. 

Santa is here!

The minute Santa arrived, Claire was so excited that she she could hardly stand it.  As he talked to each person one by one, she stood close by, talking to him the whole time. 

"Hi, Santa!  I like you!"

"I want a skirt. . ."

"Did you bring me a present?. . ."

It was pretty cute.  By the time her little bag was drawn out of his bag and it was finally her turn, however, she was a little timid.  She had to sit on his lap via mine, and would hardly look at him.  When she realized it was time for him to leave, she quickly changed her mind and asked him if she could sit by him on the couch.  She sat there and cuddled into him for several minutes!  She and Santa are now the best of friends.

Unfortunately, our camera battery went dead during the middle of the big visit (who doesn't charge their camera before events such as this?).  Lucky for us, a few of the aunties snapped pictures of the big girls, and hopefully some day soon I'll get around to getting them. 

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for throwing such a grand party!

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