Tuesday, February 23, 2010

so happy to see you

So. . .Buddy peed on Mr. Delivery Man.

I'll explain. But first let me tell you he's doing excellent in the potty training department. Really.

We just have a little work to do on the door approaches.

We are dutifully attending Puppy Obedience Class at Petsmart. Yessiree. All of these things I once scoffed and turned my nose at. Now we're doin' them. My Friday Night Dates have been crashed by Buddy, my four little puppy nazi's in training, Mr. I-know-everything-there-is-about-training-puppies (seriously!), and a pet porta-potty station. Romantic, I know.

Anyway. . .back to the story. Buddy has gotten fantastic at this whole potty training bit. Goes to the door, scratches to get in and out- the whole bit. He's a champ.

Except when someone rings the doorbell.

For some reason, he gets soooooo excited to see someone new. He loves when they love him. And then he goes pee. It makes for a great first impression.

So the other day, the delivery truck man comes to bring some equipment to Courtney for work. The doorbell rings, Buddy gets all excited. So I pick him up and we answer the door. Well, Mr. Delivery man thinks he is so cute. So cute that he takes him and pets him. He puts him down, but Buddy wants more. He can't get enough lovin'. So now nice Mr. Delivery man bends over and pets him and loves him while Buddy tries to climb up his leg.

"Oh. . .aren't you so cute. . . .you are my present.. . . You're my new friend. . . . ."

And now you're peeing on my leg."

Uhhhhh. . .awkward.

I'm thinking it's a good thing we have four romantic puppy date nights left. I'm going to have to mention this incident to the authorities.

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