Tuesday, February 23, 2010

good luck with that

Last Sunday after church Courtney and I were wanting a nap.

The girls were not.

We tried to catch a wink or two, but it's not easy to get some sleep with world war three going on in the next room. Not easy at all.

Finally, we gave up. Courtney told Ryenne that maybe, as a last resort, we'd head out to the playhouse to take our nap while she took care of the babysitting for a while.

"Okay! I'll babysit!" She promptly replied. Then she quickly added, "Can I slave work them?"

Slave work them?

Ummmm. Sure. Judging by my past efforts at trying to get her sisters (and her, I might add) to do a few simple chores. . .

Good luck with that, my dear.


tacomama said...

I was feeling down & having a pitty party,but your blog has me laughing & crying at the same time. Thank you, & thank heavens for our little ones. Love you

Monty Jones said...

Dear Kelly,
I love to read this blog--OK, so I'm prejuidiced. You really do have a talent for expressing the ups and downs of motherhood. I'm so glad you are doing this!