Thursday, September 4, 2014

trip to the zoo

Just after school got out, the kids and I decided to take a trip to the zoo.  Claire and Sam hadn't been before, and I thought they would love seeing all the animals.  We chose a day that I had a doctor appointment scheduled in Salt Lake.  I was a little worried about all of the kids hanging out in the waiting room for my hour long appointment, but they did fantastic!  Of course, Claire had made fast friends with everyone in the office by that time and even had one lady in tears telling me what a joy she was and how much the kids had cheered her up!  (We always make friends when Claire is with us!)   Waiting times don't always go so smoothly, so I was especially appreciative that this one had.

To celebrate, we went to eat at City Creek.  It was a fun little lunch date!

We met the Stosich cousins at the zoo.  What a crew!  It was a hot, busy day, and we were pretty disappointed that most of the exhibits seemed to be empty.  I'm not sure where all the animals went!  (That seems to be our luck with the zoo!)  I was bummed, because Sam had been talking for days about seeing the lions, and wouldn't you know!  We didn't see even one lion!  Emmy had just finished a report on giraffes, so I thought it would be fun for her to see one up close.  No giraffes either!  

So here's the real story of our trip to the zoo.  Our day had a great start, but by the end of the afternoon, we were all a little overheated, bored (there was nothing to see so the kids were running wild), and cranky. The kids were all campaigning for sleepovers with their cousins (which was impossible that week), Kate lost a twenty dollar bill from her pocket that we never did find, and Claire kept running away and hiding because she was mad we couldn't go swimming at Aunt Jodi's house. We left the zoo with a lot of tired, grouchy kids!

Oh well, we gave it a good shot!

I had to laugh (okay, maybe it was funny a few days later :) when I asked Claire if she'd had fun..  She responded, "No.  All day it was 'Claire do this. Claire do that.  You can't go there!  You can't go here!'  It wore me out!"

Me too, Claire.  Me too.

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