Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  I found this picture on my phone, apparently from way back at Easter time.  
Looks like yet another attempt to get chores done happily. . . :)

 I snapped this picture one day at Sam's Club.  Claire lounging on the bottom of the cart and Sam in his favorite cowboy attire and shorts.  We're nothing if not classy.

(Ryenne will kill me for posting this, but it's too cute.)
Sam was having a hard time falling asleep one night, and when I went in to check on him a bit later,
 I found these two.  She has a soft spot of that little brother of hers.

I was able to attend a field trip to the Dinosaur Park with Emmy.  I happened to have one terribly blurry picture to document the day, due to the fact that I managed to lock my purse, keys, and camera in the trunk of the car.  Don't ask. 

Kate and Ashley at the Breakfast of Champions.  This was held at the end of the year to celebrate students who excelled academically last year.  These two are quite the pair.  (And smart, too!)

We always do lamb chores in our princess dresses.  

Best buddies.

Emmy and Mrs. Christensen on the last day of 3rd grade.  
What an amazing teacher!  We loved her!

This girl is a character.  And she got new glasses!

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