Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our country life, part two

{Lucky for you, I don't have any pictures for this post.}

Ryenne missed the bus this morning, and as we were driving away in a hurried effort to make it to school in time, this is what I saw:  a dead deer on my front lawn.  Oh, and a big 'ol streak of blood smeared across the grass. 

Mornings like this are awesome.

I'm guessing that Bambi got hit by a car sometime during the night, was seriously wounded, and somehow got herself onto our front lawn where she finally fell.  Not going to give up without a fight, she must of dragged herself another ten feet or so until she couldn't make it anymore.  Eventually, she gave up the ghost right there, practically on my front sidewalk. 

When Ryenne saw it, she was, first of all, sad.  Next she observed, "I bet you're wanting to throw up now."  And finally, she concluded, "So that's what all the kids on the bus were looking at!"

When I called Courtney with my predicament, he laughed (not because he's heartless, but because he is a man).  Then he said "Quick!  Call the butcher!"  (Only kidding, of course).

And when my father-in-law showed up to drag the poor dear away (no pun intended), I stepped out to tell him thank you.  He couldn't resist another comment about calling the meat packer.  And before he left, he just had to come and ask me:  "So, are you gonna want the liver?" 

Hee, Hee. . . Hee.

I tell you what.  It doesn't get any better than this.

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Darcie said...

this is so hilarious Kelly. I loved all ryenne's comments. :) Father-in-law of the year, btw too....