Thursday, May 3, 2012

more funnyfrom claire

Lately Claire has been into big words.  They make me laugh.  Out loud.

The other day during Stake Conference (during which she was an absolute nightmare, I might add), she did something to inflict pain unto one of her sisters (hit, kick . . .I lose track sometimes).  When I discussed the necessity of a timeout once we returned home, she became immediately remorseful.  "But Mom!  I'm terribly sorry!  I'm terribly sorry!"

I tried hard not to laugh, but I might have failed.

When I asked her today if she was ready for lunch?  "Absolutely".  By the way, the hot menu item for lunch this week just so happens to be "a gorilla cheese sandwich" (grilled cheese, that is).

Also, so I don't forget: 

Lately, Claire's loving watching "Swan-de-leg" on dvd.  (Swan Lake).  And the other day when she was wearing her "sparkly shoes", she excitedly announced, "Dad, now I look just like Darcie!"  When he asked "Darcie?"  She replied, "Yeah!  You know!  Darcie from The Lizard of Oz!" 

Oh. . . .Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz.  Duh.

We love our Claire.  Feisty, funny, makes-us-happy-everyday.  That's our girl.

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Alison said...

I must say she is a cutie. One time talking to her and I felt like I had a best friend. She is a doll! And I agree with your sunbeam thing... WOW 12 year old. Why must they grow so fast. It was fun talking to you the other day. You are amazing!