Wednesday, May 30, 2012

buzz off and an award

Today Claire, Samuel, and I sat through what turned out to be the longest awards assembly in the history of mankind.  No, really.  And to be honest, Claire wasn't really feeling it.  About fifteen minutes into it (and we were just getting warmed up at that point), Claire was done.  D. O. N. E.  From that point, I took her to the bathroom three times, once more to get some tissue to wipe up the lovelies that she blew out of her nose, and chased her around more than once.  Add trying to get her to sit down so the people behind us could see, chasing off the nice lady and her son next to us because Claire thought they stole her chair (which they kind of did during one of our trips to the bathroom trips, but really?), then having to tell her to please stop sticking her hands down her you-know-where whilst she announced loudly, "But Mom!  I have a really, really bad itch on my bottom!" 

Not that I was annoyed or anything. 

Anyway, on our third trip to the bathroom Claire was telling me how she could go by herself.  Of course, I wasn't buying it.  After all, I didn't know if she'd come back.  She's got her own mind, that girl.  So while I tried to hurry her into the stall (because after waiting for an hour an half, I wasn't going to miss Kate's award, by golly!), she was dragging her feet and giving me the whole, "I'm way too old for this" speech.  Finally, I told her in no uncertain terms to get in the dang stall and do her business.  Or else.  (Although I had no idea what that would be- I had already threatened to take her out to the car and let her sit in her seat, but that backfired when she said, "Okay, I want to go to the car now".)  She finally got started while I waited outside the stall door impatiently.  That's when I heard her say, "Mom, I really wish you would just buzz off." 

Oh, and Kate finally got her award.  Student Council for next year and Cougar Scholar.  (Way to go, Kate!)

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