Friday, June 10, 2011

rise and shout! school is out!

Yay for us!  We all survived another year of school. 

And Yay for summer, I say!

As always, the last weeks of school brought with them numerous school programs, field trips, and dance recitals.  The busyness of May always makes me all the more excited for laid back summer days.

I loved watching Kate rock out on her recorder in the third grade music program.  My girls have had the best elementary school music teacher.  Ever.  I know my photography skills are sorely lacking, but I loved catching her little wave to me in the middle of her song.  Those are the best moments at school programs, when my girls spy me spying them.  Love the grins on their faces!

We all made it through Emmy's kindergarten graduation.  I had to laugh when my nephew pointed out "I don't get it, what's the point of a kindergarten graduation?"  Meaning, I think, what do they have a graduation for when these kiddos are just getting started!  After sitting through my third such affair, I'm thinking it is because these little ones are so darn cute we all just can't help it.  So much cuter than the 12th grade graduation, I am certain.  (And much more entertaining too.)

The last day of school brought mixed emotions as we said goodbye to a beloved school.  Ryenne is moving on to intermediate school (eek!) and the other girls will be changing elementary schools due to busing/boundary changes.  As we walked through the school that last day, I have to admit there were a few tears.  Such mixed emotions for me, partly because I can't believe Ryenne is already leaving elementary school, and partly sad because we're leaving so many good people and memories behind in those halls.  Sweet Kate cried a little bit as she told me, "I will treasure my yearbook forever."

Mrs. Goodliffe, the school librarian.  My girls often tell me that she is the best thing about school!  Just when I thought I had composed myself, she offered to pick up the girls and drive them to school everyday if it meant we would stay.  I lost it all over again.

True to tradition, the girls and I and our good friends Haylee and her mom Amanda rode our bikes to school for the last day.  The girls love this!  After school, we head to the park for a picnic before riding home again.  I hadn't been on my bike since last fall, but I couldn't say no.  Best of all, we all made it in one piece, short of Emmy and Claire.  (I just didn't know if I could get all three of us there and back, sadly enough.  Last pregnancy I completed a half marathon and a sprint triathlon when I was this far along.  I'm getting to be a pansy in my old age, I guess.)

Change is so hard sometimes.  I've been surprised at how much I've struggled over Ryenne leaving to the intermediate school.  Just can't believe how fast the past six years have gone, I guess- and a little panicked by where another six years will leave us.  Add that life change, moving to a new school, and pregnant lady emotions and whew!  Walking out of school that last day was hard!  But, as I assured Kate, in a few years we'll feel the same about the new school.  Good people are to be found wherever we go in life, I believe. 

Hello's and Goodbyes:  the stuff life is made of.

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Darcie said...

It sounds like you're leaving a wonderful place behind!! I guess it's a good thing you were all so sad, otherwise, it wouldn't mean you had such a terrific school. Fingers crossed that the new school does the yearly airplane egg drop. And I also hope they have a Halloween Carnival so you can keep the tradition of skipping it every year alive too. :) Congrats to your girls on another successful school year! (And how is it that your oldest is starting middle school and my oldest is just starting kindergarten?)