Friday, June 10, 2011

bed buddies

The past few months have brought a few changes.  Hard changes.  In order to make room for baby, we've had to consolidate the bedroom situation.  Unfortunately for Ryenne, this means that she lost her room.  Because she is the oldest, and also because she has a teeensy bit of a problem with little sisters who like to explore her treasures, we let her pick her roommate. 

She picked Kate right away. 

However, she wouldn't agree to share a bed, on account that it sorta "grosses her out".  This means she had to move into Kate's bedroom, where there was room for two separate beds.  Which means she had to leave behind her beloved flowers hanging on the wall, her huge bulletin board (perfect for a girl who keeps everything), and her window.  She loved looking out her window, watching the trees, the birds, and the stars.  I guess I didn't realize how hard it would be on her. That room was her little refuge, I now realize.  It really has been a bit of an adjustment, and I've felt more than a little guilt about making the move.  Finally, after a few months of growing pains, I think we've finally got her settled.  Most days.  Because he is nice like that, Courtney helped her and Kate put a lock on their door to keep the wee ones out, which I suppose gives her a little peace of mind.

The other side of the coin is that Emmy and Claire are now bed buddies, which leaves Emmy in a sorry state of affairs most nights (ie:  sleeping on the couch on account of Claire's hyper-activity come bedtime).  While I feel sorry for her tired little body, I have to smile because she used to be the same way.  I remember when we tried to have her share bedrooms with Kate.  She would be bouncing off the walls and poor Kate would come busting out the door, quickly slam it behind her (to separate herself from the Emmy-tornado), lean up against it, and cry.  "I'm so tired!" she would say.

So Emmy's pretty much reaping what she once sowed. 

While I acknowledge that life would be much more peaceful most nights if everyone had their own bedrooms, I realize that all the giggles, jumping on the beds together, late night talks, and even quarrels (and we have our fair share) are a fun part of being sisters.  After all, I shared with my sisters most of my growing up years and even survived.  What's more, I have a few good memories of the whole ordeal.  I remember laying in bed (the same iron-wrought bed Emmy and Claire now share, in fact) with Jodi and giggling hysterically late into the night.  My mom and dad's room was across the hall and after a while she would holler her tried-and-true line, "If you've got so much energy, why don't you go wash the dishes!"  This would shut us up - for a little while.

Now?  I get to issue such ingenious threats., except I put toilet cleaning on the line.  It shuts them up - for a little while.  Like-mother-like-daughter, I guess.

I'm already looking forward to the day when they have their own kids.  Then they can look back and think, "My, what a clever mom I had," and get all sorts of warm fuzzies and great ideas. 

I'm pretty sure that's just what's going to happen.  Adoration, warm fuzzies, and great ideas.  And all because we made them share a room.

See?  I feel better already.


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