Monday, June 7, 2010

expert egg droppers

Once again, it was time for our elementary school egg drop.  And once again, the girls worked with their dad to come up with the perfect drop-an-egg-from-an-airplane-and-pray-it-won't-break idea.  Luckily for the girls, their dad was home this year.  He has a much more engineerish mind than I do.  The evening before the packages were due, I was away from home for a few hours. When I arrived back at our little 'ol  nest, the air was all a buzz with egg drop talk.  After four years of trying to think of novel, egg preserving ideas, the great meeting of the minds seemed a little exasperated. 

Idea #1:  Dad rigged a triangle shaped box.  Cool, yes.  Effective, no. 

Idea #2:  Add parachute.  Cool, yes.  Legal, No. 

Idea #3:  Fill the box with nails.  Huh?  I'm thinking there was some logic behind this idea but at this moment I'm not really remembering what on earth that could have been.  Cool, um. . .I guess if you reside on death row.  Safe, no.  Legal,  Absolutely not.  Abandoned, thank goodness. 

 Idea #4:  Born of desperation.  6x6" box, filled with everything soft the girls could think of.  Plastic bags, cotton balls, and three diapers.  Original?  Not really.  Legal?  Completely.  Esthetically pleasing, definitely.  The girls spent longer decorating the box than they did filling it.  (I may not have an engineering mind like their father, but that, my dear folks, they get from me.)
While we waited in line with our package, I asked the girls what they thought the verdict would be.

Waiting. . .

Waiting. . .

Waiting. . .


What an eggxiting adventure!

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Darcie said...

Yea! So fun. I wish we did the egg drop here in SL.