Monday, June 7, 2010

big stuff

After a whole lot of fast talking (and lots of waiting for him to get around to it), Emmy finally got her dad to take off her training wheels. According to Emmy, she was past due to enter the big league, and she couldn't wait a minute longer.  
It must have been time.  When the moment of truth arrived, she hopped on and rode away like a pro.  Or something like that. . . 

A few days later, she and Dad decided to ride thier bikes to Grandma C and Bop's house (a little less than a half mile).  She made it the whole way without a hitch.  However, as they turned into the driveway, Bop heard a little squeal, followed shortly therafter by a solid thud.  Turns out she saw Grandpa's truck and had a moment of panic.  Not knowing what else to do, she drove right smack into the back of the truck.  Fortunately, all was well!

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