Friday, March 19, 2010

just another day in paradise

This morning has been lovely.

We whisked the girls off to school. Only a few tears, and they were forgotten by the time we said our goodbyes. Even better, we made it before the last bell.

After arriving home, Claire and Emmy climbed into the tub for some fun. They had a great time.

And then Claire pooped.

A lot.

And then Emmy screamed, "If Claire poops in the tub one more time, I'm NEVER getting in the tub again!"

Then, the two of them gathered around to watch me make a delicate attempt at scooping Claire's little gifts out of the tub so I could disinfect it.

On the bright side, the tub needed a good cleaning, anyhow.

Sometimes, in the middle of a task such as this, I find myself laughing. In all those visions I had of myself as a mother, I somehow never pictured this.

And besides, the day can only look up from here, right? Just making lemonade out of lemons, I am.

Except, you'll have to excuse me please.

Buddy just peed on the carpet.


Nicole said...

This just made me laugh out loud. Motherhood... you gotta love it. I will never forget the day that Gracie announced that Hudson had corn floating around him in the tub. Oh, what fun! :)

Trisha said...

I think we need to compile stories of "A day in the life of a mother". We can read the stories, laugh out loud, and then tell ourselves that there are always things that could be worse.