Friday, December 11, 2009

a really bad accident

Each Friday Emmy and Halle have ballet in Brigham city. Amy and I take turns driving, and whoever drives usually invites the other over to play until ballet time. Emmy looks forward to her fun Fridays with Halle.

Last Friday was Halle's turn to play at our house. After a while, the girls decided to build a fort. They were playing quietly in their fort for quite some time. When it had been too quiet for too long, I realized I had better go see what they were up to.

This is what I saw. About a hundred and one band aid wrappers.

I tried not to laugh while I reminded them that we only use band-aids when we are bleeding.

"But it hurts really bad," Halle explained.

"Oh? How did you get hurt?"

That's when Emmy and Halle matter-of-factly told me that they had been in an accident. A really bad accident, like Uncle Shawn's. As a result, they had incurred serious injuries to their legs, just like Uncle Shawn. This explained the 101 band aids.

The best part is, the serious injury was even on the left leg. . .just like Uncle Shawn.

When they came limping out of the fort so I could take a few pictures, Halle gave me a relieved smile.

"I thought you'd be mad," she gushed.

Now, tell me. How could I possibly get mad at these two faces?


tacomama said...

kids are tooo funny. They are adorable & you are a fantastic Mom, see you in two weeks

D'Lonna said...

It is true that bandaids can solve a lot of injuries from a stubbed toe, to a paper cut finger, etc, so of coarse a whole bunch would fix their leg.

Cute girlies, Kelly!