Friday, December 11, 2009

fa la la la la. . ..

The girls love decorating the tree.

It's always so exciting for them to unwrap each ornament and remember whose it it and where it came from. And besides, decorating the tree means Christmas is coming. . .the most wonderful time of the year!

I would have to agree!

Courtney also loves decorating the tree. LOVES it. He loves everyone grabbing for ornaments at once. He thrives on the hyperactivity. Nothing makes him happier than chaos. Nothing.

He wouldn't miss out on this for anything.
"deck the halls with boughs of holly. . ."
"tis the season to be jolly. . ."

Yet again, another beautiful, slightly quirky tree. That's the beauty of going and cutting your own. They always have character! This year, the branches are very soft and have a hard time holding the ornaments. The girls learned that it works better if you hang the ornaments closer to the trunk where the branches are a little thicker. Therefore, all of the decorations are clustered right down the center of the tree. . .sort of hugging the trunk.

It looks awesome.

Regardless of the unique personality of each tree, the girls love this little tradition.

So does Courtney. He loves every. single. second.

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Heather W. said...

Courtney sounds alot like Bryan, ;) hahaha!