Monday, November 2, 2009

my not-so-wicked witches

Our whole gang (and as you can see, I mean the whole gang) decided to be witches for Halloween this year. And if I must say so myself, I thought they were pretty darn cute.
(As was Kalli the bumblebee, who joined the girls for trick-or-treating again this year! )
The tallest (and most handsome) witch was dressed up only because he was one of those extra good sporty kind of witches. I was planning on being the pink witch, but came down with an awful bug the day before and had to miss out on the festivities. Being that Dad didn't have a costume for the Wo-Jo Halloween Bash, we talked him into wearing the pink witch.
And let me tell you, he couldn't have been more charming.

(Especially with the big 'ol hole in his tights. I guess 'one size fits all' doesn't really mean one size fits all.)

Kate, the Green Witch

Ryenne, the Purple Witch

Kalli, the Bumblebee

Emmy, the Sun's in My Eyes Orange Witch

two darn cute witches

I tell you, all you need to make cute witches is a Wal-Mart, a good-lookin' bunch of witches in training, and a hot glue gun.
FYI: The girls absolutely LOVED that their Dad dressed up with them. I was so bummed to miss out on the festivities, but thought it was awesome that he was such a good sport. They even had a dance prepared to sing Kareoke at the party-"Witchy Woman" from the Eagles.

Before they left the house, I heard Kate say, "Dad, I know why you dressed up like a witch."

Dad then replied, "Why is that?"
"Because you love us."

I was shocked for a second when he answered, "No, it's not because I love you."

But then he quickly saved himself and explained, "But I do love you very much. But I dressed up because I wanted you to have a good time."

Thanks Dad.

You've got a spell on us.

*The best part was when the girls returned home that night and were telling me what a kick everyone got out of theirs and their Dad's costumes. When Kate told me about going trick-or-treating at Kelsey and Shawns house, she said they were laughing so hard. You could tell she thought it was so fun. She told me, "We had Kelsey crackin' up."


Darcie said...

Kelly, that is fantastic! The costumes are darling, especially the shoes. Courtney really is a champ... not only was he a witch, but he also was the PINK witch. Such a manly color. :)

D'Lonna said...

you married a good man! A good dad to little girls!

Heather W. said...

Yes what a trooper your husband is. The costumes are super cute, and you made them all?? You are so crafty Kelly.

Grmatammy said...

Woody Witches, thank you for taking Kalli with you for halloween. She loves going with you all and had a great time. You are a family I love to see Kalli spend time with. Courtney does a lot of things that make Mom and the girls happy. :)

Kami said...

Hi Kelly,
I just love your blog!!!! Thanks so much for including Kalli. She had a few choices for Trick or Treating and the Wood girls were her first choice! I didn't know it included the Wood Dad. Thanks again, the costumes were darling. (I'm signing in as Kami, I don't know if you have my email yet.)