Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moments To Remember

Moment #1:

The other day we were driving to Grandma & Grandpa J. Ryenne was annoying Emmy by laying her seat back as far as possible, thus seriously trespassing into Emmy's space.

"Ryenne, I am losing my temper!" (Each word gets gradually louder).

Ryenne giggles.

"Ryenne, I am losing my temper!" (louder still).

Ryenne giggles.

"Ryenne, I am LOSING MY TEMPER!"

Ryenne giggles. Dad suggests to Emmy that perhaps her temper is beyond the mere "losing" stage.


Ryenne giggles.

Moment #2:
Today Kate was helping Dad change Claire's diaper. As she (reluctantly) took the wet diaper to the garbage, she related a wise observation to me,

"That's the gross thing about having a baby."

Tis true.

Moment #3:
Today after church we all stood around the table eating ice cream out of the carton. Mud Pie. Ymmmm. Courtney and I mused whether this might be one of the "unrighteous traditions handed down by the fathers to their children" spoken of in the scriptures. Kate was enjoying herself along with the rest of us. Perhaps even more, as she ate ice cream out of the carton wearing only panties, knee-highs, and her Sunday shoes.

I promised I wouldn't post pictures. (Bummer for you.)

Moment #4:
Sacrament meeting today. I'm not sure who was most irreverent, Courtney & I or the girls. Ryenne laid across both of our laps. (This might not be so bad if she wasn't 8. I suppose we'll need to curb this before she's 16). Courtney & Ryenne spent the meeting trying to trick eachother with riddles, which brought on several giggles. Ryenne then took the flower off her headband and clipped it onto Dad's tie, hair, shirt pocket, etc. We all giggled like it was the funniest thing ever. Emmy and Kate sat on the neighbor man's lap and ruined any hopes he had of getting anything out of the meeting. At some point, Courtney looked at me in desperation and asked, "Doesn't it seem like this meeting has lasted FOREVER? I think it's gone way over." Not so. We have just developed a serious case of SMADD (Sacrament Meeting Attention Deficit Disorder). Kate and Emmy ask if they can go get a drink. Usually we say no. Today I say yes. They walk out (very reverently, mind you- arms folded and everything. They look like angels). However, they are side tracked in the lobby by admiring ladies. They are soon showing off their twirly dresses for everyone in the lobby. We sit by idly and watch, along with everyone else in the meeting. The topic is gratitude. The meeting finally comes to a close. The closing song is unfamiliar. (Our chorister is into those. Every single verse of those.) Courtney looks at me and says, "I guess it's 'Be Grateful for the WHOLE hymnbook day.' Again, we giggle. We're so funny.

At the close of the meeting, we conclude that if nothing else, we are performing a service for everyone else around us. In fact, they may clamor to sit around us. Then, they can spend the rest of the day patting themselves on their back regarding their own parenting skills.

Just trying to be of service.


dippyrooroo said...

Oh, you're funny! It's so much more impossible to keep it together when everyone else has smadd too!

Darcie said...

he he he!